Seamless Integration Between R and 'Julia'

Provides an R interface to 'Julia', which is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language for numerical computing, see <https://julialang.org/> for more information. It provides a high-level interface as well as a low-level interface. Using the high level interface, you could call any 'Julia' function just like any R function with automatic type conversion. Using the low level interface, you could deal with C-level SEXP directly while enjoying the convenience of using a high-level programming language like 'Julia'.

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Imports/Depends/LinkingTo/Enhances (5)
  • R
  • Rcpp >= 0.12.7
  • knitr >= 1.28
  • rjson
  • Rcpp
  • Suggests (4)
  • testthat
  • rmarkdown
  • rappdirs
  • sass
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