Manage the Life Cycle of your Package Functions

Manage the life cycle of your exported functions with shared conventions, documentation badges, and non-invasive deprecation warnings. The 'lifecycle' package defines four development stages (experimental, maturing, stable, and questioning) and three deprecation stages (soft-deprecated, deprecated, and defunct). It makes it easy to insert badges corresponding to these stages in your documentation. Usage of deprecated functions are signalled with increasing levels of non-invasive verbosity.

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Imports/Depends/LinkingTo/Enhances (3)
  • R
  • glue
  • rlang >= 0.4.10
  • Suggests (9)
  • covr
  • crayon
  • lintr
  • tidyverse
  • knitr
  • rmarkdown
  • testthat >= 3.0.1
  • tibble
  • vctrs
  • Version History