Manipulation of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Documents

Access and manipulate 'Microsoft Word' and 'Microsoft PowerPoint' documents from R. The package focuses on tabular and graphical reporting from R; it also provides two functions that let users get document content into data objects. A set of functions lets add and remove images, tables and paragraphs of text in new or existing documents. When working with 'PowerPoint' presentations, slides can be added or removed; shapes inside slides can also be added or removed. When working with 'Word' documents, a cursor can be used to help insert or delete content at a specific location in the document. The package does not require any installation of Microsoft products to be able to write Microsoft files.

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Imports/Depends/LinkingTo/Enhances (6)
  • zip >= 2.1.0
  • xml2 >= 1.1.0
  • openssl
  • R6
  • uuid
  • ragg
  • Suggests (8)
  • testthat
  • devEMF
  • ggplot2
  • rmarkdown
  • doconv
  • knitr
  • rsvg
  • magick
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